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It’s Back!! The A and F quarterly. I have been collecting this magazine of Bruce Weber’s photos for Ambercrombie for years. I have a big dusty pile of them in my closet. Every single one. They took and break and now started to publish again. For $10.00 what a treat. I ran and bought 3 copies. One to open (they are sealed), one to save (sealed of course), and one for a gift for a friend.  Who doesn’t want some eye candy? This $10.00 is less calories and after viewing you will understand.

TREAT OF THE WEEK- Legends of Hollywood Postage Stamps

Four Academy Awards later, one of Hollywood’s most fascinating and enduring stars, is now a fabulous postage stamp. I’m always looking out for novelty stamps and I almost freaked when I saw this black and white legend of Hollywood. It was so elegant and chic. Now paying the phone bill can be glamorous too. Treat yourself to some of these Katy stamps and your day will be more ambitious, energized, versatile, and elegant. Just like Ms. Hepburn.


Sugar Pie Honey Bunch- $14.00 to smell sweet as sugar. It is worth every penny for the long lasting (3 months I was told ) bar of soap. Treat your self, you will be FRESH!  I have used many products from Fresh in the past and I keep discovering new products to keep me clean crisp and fresh. It totally made my week and can’t wait for tomorrow morning.

TREAT OF THE WEEK-Sugar Free Red Bull

Forget the 6 pack this summer and try a different approach like the 4- pack of sugar-free Red Bull. This little treat is great to have in the refrigerator…it is the new staple. For under $8.00 you can have a nice treat to make your summer more energetic and fast paced. This stuff is very very strong. Give your self at least 6 hours for this energy drink to wind down. You will be amazed at the zing and zest of your summer…and best yet, only half the calories.


Many of my fans know I love buying colorful novelty stamps. I know it is bizarre. Remember I wrote about The Simpson stamps? Well it is time to get Artsy! Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Robert Motherwell are all here. Treat yourself to a sheet of these stamps and you will create a new visual language based on color and motion. You will instantly feel part of the international art scene from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Express yourself!!


New York is all about black this and black that…well, what about this chic black candle from the classic Diptyque? Go back to the original chic candle in a glass. I started buying these French candles over 20 years ago before all the “others” came along. The Baies fragrance smells amazingly good and is now a classic. Now the company keeps around this scent in a mysterious black glass. Treat yourself and feel sooo New York and sooo super cool!

TREAT OF THE WEEK- This One’s for the Boys

$18.50 to remove dark circles and puffy ness around the eyes!! I’ll take it! This new item from Kiehl’s highly successful “Facial Fuel “line for men, is the answer. Who wants to look like Barnaby Collins from Dark Shadows? I know vampires are all the rage, but no thanks. This item is small enough to fit anywhere and great for travel.  It was sold out for weeks and is now back in stock. Try it…you’ll like it! Eye Balm, what a concept!!


We all need a reminder that spring is on it’s way…

I’m going to rush and buy a beautiful orchid to brighten up my day and decor. This chic plant (think walking into a Calvin Klein world) is difficult to care for but is worth the work. Even try replanting in a minimal square vase with blk or white small rocks. It will make all the difference. Don’t over pay for orchids. You can find them in places like Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores (just replant!), or if in New York go the the flower district for a wonderful selection. Enjoy and spring will be in your home before you know it.

TREAT OF THE WEEK- We welcome you to the Lollypop Kids!

Picture 1
Go square…be hip!  Butterscotch, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cafe Latte. This adorable square box of lollys is a wonderful gift for all of your up coming parties and events. Great holiday gift too…or just a great treat. See’s Candies brings me back to my days of traveling around America. They are so patriotic! The taste is so unique. The shape is neat! Go gourmet !



I’m sure you never heard of Ms. Hallmark. She has many identities, comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometime can be very hard to spot in a crowd .I tend to see her running incognito into strores, post offices, and Duane Reade. Her thoughts and feeling she wears on her sleeves. BUY A CARD FOR SOMEONE TODAY!!!!