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One day I was walking down 17th Street in New York City and I glanced at the menu of a new young professional restaurant called Rye House.  I saw “Boiled Peanuts” on the menu and I instantly started salivating for this southern “side of the road delicacy.”  Boiled peanuts was a family treat from Savannah, Georgia. My Uncle Bubba spoiled me with these warm and salty peanuts as soon as my feet hit the ground from the airplane. Rye House has a rustic decor and thrives on gourmet comfort food. Grilled Cheese with Truffle oil? A killer ice cream sandwich — a must have. Comfort, boiled peanuts, and truffle oil. I’m so in!


Anyone who is a fan of fish tacos needs to check into this restaurant. It is not a hotel but a tilapia taco heaven.  They are out of this world.  This cheap and cheerful eatery is so authentic that you will absolutely love the food and the prices.  The guacamole is also a must!  This gem is really hidden on E14th Street.  You can easily miss it.  It looks like an average take-out but inside it is adorable and has great music playing from this family-owned iPod.  No need to over pay for the new trend in tacos.  This is the real deal!


James Franco just keeps popping up in all types of movies.  I’m sure you all missed this one (so did I!).  It did get very favorable reviews, but was in and out of the theaters in a flash.  Now available on DVD.  I’m very curious since I was a fan of the original series of movies from the 70’s.  Why would they cover up such a pretty face such as James?  Bananas!

HIDDEN GEM – Red Hook Lobster Pound

This lobster pound is down and dirty!  The lobster is so fresh and delicious.  I met my sister who lives close by and my friend came along.  We all shared a lobster roll (btw made with no mayo), and waited for our dinner of 1-1/2 pound lobsters with the works come alive.   My sister has a beautiful garden with a hammock which provided a magical setting for our claw cracking evening.  We told stories and laughed and made our own ‘New England” in our minds.


Calling Dr. Bombay, Dr. Bombay… remember him from Bewitched? Well, maybe he will appear out of nowhere at this chic and modern restaurant. This is no Little India. It is in west Chelsea on 9th ave. My friends have been going here for sometime, but I just got “turned on” to it. I loved the food and the modern decor.  I felt like I was in a modern tandoori hotel. Next time I will go in Bombay style and appear out of thin air.


Photo by Robyn Lee, on Flickr

Mary Redding the chef and owner of this small spot in the West Village of NYC, knows how to rock and lobster roll.  I love going here because the music she plays spans from Queen to the Stones, to Nirvana.  She also serves a killer Lobster Roll.  The tables are close together and you feel cozy and warm.  I used to think of this gem only in the summer, but I can’t wait to have some warm chowder this winter and play name that tune!!

Hidden Gem- Tomas Maier

Miami, Palm Beach, and now Wainscott. My all time favorite boutique is expanding. The mix of clothes, books, accessories are so chic. You will fall over. When I walk in my head is spinning. Everything is so chic. They say it’s all in the mix. Tomas is the creative director for Bottega Venetta. His taste level certainly turned that house around. We all want some woven leather. Right! I love looking at his favorite DVD’s. Old time movies that he loves and so do I. I picked up a great little book on Helmut Newton photos as a Hamptons souvenir. At $10.00 I may have found the least expensive thing in the store. What a hidden gem. The store and the book.

Hidden Gem- NUTBOX

I am a “Nut Case”…so are most of you. That is what makes us interesting. Nuts makes the world go round. I ran into this nut house on 49 East 8th Street in the Village. They also have one in the Chelesa Market and in Brooklyn. I have never seen nuts and grains look so chic. It’s all in the packaging!! Trail mix, granola, dried fruit was no longer “earthy”. It was minimal and cool. It is worth cracking this nut.

HIDDEN GEM- Sigmund Pretzelshop


29 Avenue B at 3rd St.

New York, NY

646-410 0333


Caramel with pecans

Goat cheese with her dipping sauce

Nutella(an oldie but a goodie)

If this isn’t enough to get you in the mood for this fun amazing adorable new pretzel shop, then I’m confused. This is no mall “auntie”what ever!!! These pretzels are super-yum!!

Hidden Gem- PRUNE

It is always nice to go to a new territory that is unexplored. I went with my friend for a wonderful lunch to PRUNE at 54 East 1st Street in New York City. First of all I love the name! When you hear the name prune you automatically think “prune juice” Yuk. Well I was in for a big surprise. No prune juice–just wonderful and different tastes and combinations. I felt like I was in someone’s kitchen eating new and different recipes. This is a small hidden gem down in the East Village. Go and explore!