Hidden Gem- NUTBOX

I am a “Nut Case”…so are most of you. That is what makes us interesting. Nuts makes the world go round. I ran into this nut house on 49 East 8th Street in the Village. They also have one in the Chelesa Market and in Brooklyn. I have never seen nuts and grains look so chic. It’s all in the packaging!! Trail mix, granola, dried fruit was no longer “earthy”. It was minimal and cool. It is worth cracking this nut.

3 responses to “Hidden Gem- NUTBOX

  1. Cute post! Did you buy any?

  2. First of all I LOVE the new Robyn album so cheers to that! I also love that the store is called NutBox.

  3. Yum, yum, I just love me some nuts !!What another great find….Would be great gift for going over to your condo for cocktails….LOL !! Thanks !!

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