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JASON WU ORCHID RAIN candle.   This caught my eye and I thought the packaging was very unique and beautiful.  Orchid rain sounds as good as it must smell!  No umbrella needed.

Why Are Serums So Expensive? Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum

Serums are all the rage now.  Every skin care line has a serum or two.  I love the way they feel and work.  They glide on your skin and tighten and firm.  Then you put on a moisturizer or not.  The serum just makes your skin feel like you just had a treatment.  Clean, fresh and new.  I’m now loving this one from Origins.  $55.00 for the small and $75.00 for the large.  You only need a bit so they so last a while.  Serums are light and not heavy on the skin.  Serums are worth every penny for smooth and beautiful skin.  Plantscription is practical yet pricey.  Anti-aging is worth every penny in my book!


This week it is “All About Lips.”  This smooth and silky light cream from Clinique is perfect to glide on your lips to increase a satin finish and also to diminish creases and lines.  Peeps, this is not a ordinary lip balm!  It is not even a balm.  This product is a neat compact pump that keeps its neat and clean.  I was given this wonderful simple and sweet gift from someone who was “All About Lips” on their mind.  It seems to be contagious.


Ooooh that smell.  Can’t you smell that smell?  I’m not usually crazy about ginger, but I needed a pick-me-up one day, and my nose led me to the Origins shop.  The smell and beautiful packing of this soap said “buy me.”  This is also a great gift!  Start buying now for the holidays and you will be happy to “have it in the house.”  I love my gift draw!  Unfortunately this bar is for me.  Sorry, Charlie.  Next time.


OMG!  I’m in outer space with this flavor.  First of all Bubblegum. . .with MINT!  Then it also WHITENS your teeth while your are having fun.  This gum is great for bubbles, snapping, cracking, and anything else you would like.  Go treat yourself to a 3 pack and get cracking!  Everyone loves this flavor, and you will be very popular when you start handing this out to new friends.  Blast off with Orbit.   It is a nice treat and will brighten up your smile.  Duane Reade here I come!


A Woody Allen history lesson for less than $10 bucks!  Now that’s a New York bargain.  The Masters of Cinema put out this book which caught my eye in Marc Jacob’s “Bookmarc” store.  I saw the great price and snatched it up for a gift for one of my best friends.  She loved it and happens to be a real New Yorker and a real Woody fan.  The cover from “Sleeper” made me get kooky in the store.  Sleeper was one of my favorites, and I think the first Woody films I saw as a kid.  I found this book on, and now you can run and get the under $10.00 lesson.  I ran and bought 2 more.  One for myself and one for a gift for whoever is naughty and nice!


Color My World! I stumbled on these TREFOIL SLIDES by Adidas in their “Originals” store in Soho.  I was loving but also afraid of color!! Would I do it??  I decided to sleep on it, and all I could do was dream of Fire Island in color. I wanted to be “original” and everyone will have the “Brazilian” versions. I then ran back to the store for these $25.00 burst of color.  I also felt safe that there was Black in the mix.  Easy to match!  After all the color, my eye went right to the crisp White version.  Two treats.  Yep!


Rudy’s Brand No. 1 Shampoo is my new hip discovery. I feel in love with the large brown plastic bottle and nice easy pump. The funky lettering on the bottle was so retro and masculine. Boys, we know it is hard to find a butch shampoo for the shower. As I was walking through the new hipster palace – the ACE HOTEL – in New York, I saw this cool bottle in a glass case. I was on a search for a new shampoo this week and when they said it was from the original Rudy’s Barber shop in Seattle, it sealed the deal. This retro-hip shop is now a small chain and is part of the ACE HOTEL. They use this in all the rooms, too. The price of $14.00 for this nice size bottle seemed like a good value . Oh, and yes I did smell it and It was one of those smells that my nose instantly said YES to!


Who doesn’t like the smell of leather?  When a piece of leather touches our skin we immediately smell the scent.  So, Tom Ford wants this smell to last for 55 hours.  His candle will do just that.  This room will get wild with sex and romping.  The Tom Ford way.  These are limited edition private blend candles in Tuscan leather not Texas leather.  There is a difference.

TREAT OF THE WEEK: I Just Keep Hanging On

I don’t hike or go anywhere near a cliff, so why would I be interested in a “Clif Bar? My best friend gave me one to try recently and I was hooked. I loved the packaging (even though a little butch), the taste and convenience. I ran to Costco and bought a 3 variety case of these bars. I bring them to the theatre for intermission, to meetings, or wherever. It is great for “grazing” so you are not famished when you hit the dinner table. Who doesn’t want nutrition for sustained energy?