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OMG! This product by La Mer is paradise. The Cleansing Foam is $65.00 but it is for your face and what better way to treat yourself with this wonderful smell and soft, soothing, gentle cleanser.  I use it extremely sparingly, and it is still extremely effective.  I’m hoping it will last a lifetime.


Suede in the summer is one of the most luxurious materials.  I’m also a big “Patent Pusher.”  These sneaker/shoes have it all.  I have been after a pair of Lanvins for almost two years.  Still no luck!  Gifts welcome anytime . These “classics” have been in the line for awhile so we know they are a main stay. I first tried them on in Jeffrey and the sale associate kindly educated me on the making of these wonderful trainers.  They are made in shoe factories and when I stepped in, I felt like I had put on a pair of extremely well made shoes.  The price was justified, or so I convinced myself.  Navy for Spring or there is always next season.  Suede and Patent and like Bonnie and Clyde.  Watch out!


Chukka Chukka Boom Boom.  Fall is all about the new Chukka Boot.  Goodbye desert boots and hello funky soles.  One of the latest trends in men’s footwear is the “unexpected” soles.  The yellow rubber sole paired to the beautiful Bordo colored pebbled leather upper is a fine mix.  So, I will be dreaming down the yellow brick road for this new take of a comfortable classic!


“Pour les Mains” – Now, I don’t speak French but I was able to figure that one out.  Every 3-4 months I replace my bathroom hand soap.  The bottle is key!  It has to match the towels, the season, the current trends in the world, the bath soap, etc.  (I think you get the point!) I have thought about buying a permanent pump and refilling with generic soap, but no way for the Silver Fox In The City. It is creative and interesting to try different brands and scents and smells. This month we are traveling to France. This delicious smooth soap has a slight fragrance which I don’t usually like on my hands but you know what?  It is always time to step out of the box.  I love the shape of the bottle and the elegance it exudes.  Hands up for Diptyque!


Bring this camel to sleep.  Kiehls is very smart!  Have you noticed that they LOVE to give you samples and then get you hooked?  Well this time I said no. They gave me this small bottle with a nose dropper in it, in a funny blue glass color. It looked like some type of messy oil. They said put on at night.  All I could think about was oil all over my pillow cases.  No, thanks!  I gave it to my neighbor who the next day looked smoother and younger overnight!!  She said no mess you gotta do it!  I then tried this “DRY OIL” and then next day my skin was regenerated and repaired. I’m a junkie, running back for my fix of free samples.  I know I will breakdown soon and buy the bottle for $43.00 and become a real addict but who cares.  I’m repaired!!


This is not new, but is still available on  Run because this unique smelling cologne for MEN is not available many places at this point (and is definitely hard to find!).  Every time I wear this fragrance, I get stopped by people asking me what is the name and telling me how great it smells.  I guess I have had some “Close Encounters” recently.  The bottle is also a “bottle in a bottle” a concept which Narcisco is known for.  His WOMEN’s fragrances are also extremely unique and successful.  Narciso is an extreme minimalist clothing designer with a great sense of Chic.  Now try some on your neck and get stopped everywhere you roam.  Who doesn’t like some attention?


Colonia Essenza stopped my path as I strolled through Bergdorf Goodman. The shiny black bottle attracted me and then the smell. This became my new “holiday” scent.  I wanted to feel mysterious, sleek and sexy for all the events surrounding the holiday season.  The bottle alone puts me in the mood.  This is a great present to give or get.  Roll the dice and do it!   Splurge.


$21,000 photographs by Anton Corbijn….. I’ll take two! Talk about a splurge galore! I was recently at the opening at the Stellan Holm Gallery in NYC of Anton Corbijn’s “Inwards and Onwards” show. As I walked in the room I was so excited to see these large size visions (57″x57″) on the walls. Anton is known for his grainy photos of musicians and artists. This show included Bruce Springsteen, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Alexander McQueen among others. Anton is also a film director and has been a visual director for U2 since 1983. Bono arrived and I told him and Anton about my “U2 and Peter” photo I own from the last show (no, it was not as large or even close to this price). We had a great conversation and talked about our memories of 1983. I then kindly asked for this wonderful photo op, and Bono said sure and to “keep staying young.”


I have been talking about the return of the MEN’s Backpack! I’m crazy over this Wool Felt olive green Jack Spade backpack. It is large, roomy and trimmed in leather. The $375.00 price is worth the Splurge for the season. This is strictly for Fall/Winter. The rugged wool felt and army green color hits two trends at once. Put this on over your “statement coat” and you will be ready to march right into an army for dreamers!


OK, Everyone loves Emilio Pucci. It is the ultimate 60’s dream print. The swirls and colors brings back visions of Twiggy, Mini skirts, Mod, Beyond Chic, and Grand Luxury!

I recently discovered this OVERSIZED book at the Taschen book shop in Soho for $200.00. The array of covers were all out and a Brazilian woman was buying it as a wedding present for her girlfriend (great idea!). You can pick the cover you like there, but if you want to pay only $126.00 then go to They will ship you the cover they want for you. Go crazy and swirl all over and get wild for prints. I can’t wait to see what cover I get! Make room, coffee table, for your new flamboyant friend.