This is not new, but is still available on Saks.com.  Run because this unique smelling cologne for MEN is not available many places at this point (and is definitely hard to find!).  Every time I wear this fragrance, I get stopped by people asking me what is the name and telling me how great it smells.  I guess I have had some “Close Encounters” recently.  The bottle is also a “bottle in a bottle” a concept which Narcisco is known for.  His WOMEN’s fragrances are also extremely unique and successful.  Narciso is an extreme minimalist clothing designer with a great sense of Chic.  Now try some on your neck and get stopped everywhere you roam.  Who doesn’t like some attention?

2 responses to “OH, WHAT’S THAT SMELL? – FOR HIM

  1. But you didn’t describe it at all—what category does it fit in to…. is it citrus, leather, floral, green tea, musk?
    And what’s the price point?

  2. I bought this strictly based on your love of it, and the description on saks.com. LOVE IT. I haven’t been stopped yet, but damn.

    *available at Bloomingdales Soho, NYC.

    thank you for the recomend!

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