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She’s my girl!  You either love her or hate her!  Guess which one… She did a great job and boy do her fans love her!


Did you miss the Silver Fox in the City’s modeling debut on the TODAY show, earlier this month? Well, now you can see it here. Thank you for the shout out Ann Curry. I will miss my new BFF.


Give me a good book signing and I’m there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m forever running to get a signed book.  Not to be a “Debbie Downer” but at Rachel Dratch’s event I didn’t buy her book therefore no signing for me.  I love Rachel and all her characters, but breast pumping and single white females in bars is just not my cup of tea.


Jeffrey sure knows how to pick ’em.  His annual fund raiser here in NYC has the fashion crowd roaring. They come to see his all male runway show which features the latest in designer men’s Spring fashion. The Blondes came out and were all so friendly.

Kate Upton – Gorgeous Model Mania!

Chloe Sevigny – Bowie fan and Actress Indie!

Andrej Pejic – Model and Style Leader! Nice revisit.  I met him last year. (Click on this post.)

Not a Blonde (yet?!) – Ivan Bart – the genius behind IMG models.  Thank you Ivan for all the introductions and a great evening of fun and helping many wonderful causes thru Jeffrey Fashion Cares.


Diane and Alexandra Von Furstenberg were at arm’s length to me at the opening party for my friends Louis and Alison’s amazing and zany new store MAISON 24 in NYC.  This store is filled with a great mix of trendsetting items which makes for a fun and very unique shopping experience.  Everything you touch and feel makes you smile.  The world of home furnishings and gift items are exploding with color, wit and charm.  Lucite and Lacquer is being poured all over the store.  I couldn’t get enough!  I love that the gorgeous Alexandra is looking at me and not the professional photographer taking her picture.  She designs the line of Lucite that I’m in love with.  Let’s just call her Lady Lucite!


That is what I literally did at The B-52’s last concert in New York City at Irving Plaza.  I was standing at about the 3rd row when the woman next to me pointed out the guitar pick on the floor.   I bent down and grabbed my first official concert pick.  Keith Strickland is the original guitarist and is responsible for making The B’s tick.   I love the original vintage-looking logo printed on it.  This party is out of bounds!  Maybe next time Keith Richards. . .  I will keep dreaming. . .


Marilyn, Liz, Twiggy, Jean, Kate = Bert Stern.  His girls go by one name only!  The swinging 60’s come to mind when you hear some of these names. Vogue 1968…. This is when Bert Stern was at his peak. This photo exhibit at The Staley Wise Gallery in Soho is worth checking out. The photos are large and oversized. Very crisp, clean and shiny!  Crystal Applique was the process he used to highlight many of his original photos from this time period.  If you need a smile and feel like swinging with these girls then get all  “DOLLED UP” and put on some jewels.

The Dandy and His Pen

“Dandy Always.” “My Dandy Darling.” These are some of the quotes from my friend Patrick McDonald of New York. I first met Patrick in Fire Island and we became friends instantly. After seeing him at so many parties and, being afraid of those large cocktail rings and ascots, I found out he was a wonderful and friendly person . I ran to his book signing at Bergdorf Goodman. “Four Famous Dandies- Paper Dolls” is the title of this wonderful book about the men of exceptional studied style. Beau Brummell and Oscar Wilde are among the four. This is not matchy-matchy but taste at it highest level.


$21,000 photographs by Anton Corbijn….. I’ll take two! Talk about a splurge galore! I was recently at the opening at the Stellan Holm Gallery in NYC of Anton Corbijn’s “Inwards and Onwards” show. As I walked in the room I was so excited to see these large size visions (57″x57″) on the walls. Anton is known for his grainy photos of musicians and artists. This show included Bruce Springsteen, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Alexander McQueen among others. Anton is also a film director and has been a visual director for U2 since 1983. Bono arrived and I told him and Anton about my “U2 and Peter” photo I own from the last show (no, it was not as large or even close to this price). We had a great conversation and talked about our memories of 1983. I then kindly asked for this wonderful photo op, and Bono said sure and to “keep staying young.”


This new Broadway show returns! It started last year “off Broadway” and has now landed on the big stage . I recently saw this show and really enjoyed the history lesson about our past president Andrew Jackson. The Silver Fox must have been absent from that lesson in elementary school. I learned what a rebel he was and the pairing of this lesson to rock music is a new and creative concept. I give this show a big plus for the creativity of the concept and also for the content. Who doesn’t have a fantasy of a president who likes to moves his hips?