“Hey Andrej,” we called as we were running down the hall chasing this long-legged, long-haired blond model.  My friend who is a “power force” in the Fashion Industry said “you have to meet this hot model!”  So we ran and took the shot.  HE was so eager to have us take a picture. So friendly and so cute.  HIS name is Andrej Pejic, and he is the new poster boy for fashion androgyny. Since my early discovery of David Bowie the term androgyny has always played with my mind. I love the he/she of it all. This 19-year-old Serbian Australian model has been photographed for a Marc Jacobs ad campaign among many others.  You will be seeing him in all the magazines and on every runway. It is just the beginning and don’t let Andrej play tricks with your mind. He is certainly a treat!!

4 responses to “WHO ARE YOU? – ANDREJ PEJIC

  1. You both look great.

  2. You look great! You always photograph well. Your “friend, the model” blew my mind. Gorgeous!

  3. I tell you , your always out on the seen! I had to do a double take on Andrej! He/she diffidently has a look! I’ll keep my eyes out looking for this rising star!

  4. David Tenenbaum

    Love it. Great pics.

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