Spring 2011 is a week away. The stores are transitioning to this warm weather season. We are still in a cold snap, but let’s start to dream….That is why the fashion campaigns are out for Spring right now.  It get us in the mood to run out and shop.  Each season I always vote for the designer that lures me in and gets the credit card flowing.  This season I feel that  BOTTEGA VENETA stands out as the best.  It is the blue sky as the background which is the optimism we need for 2011. We can, and should all dream into the sky.  I learned that these wonderful photos were taken by Alex Prager. I wrote about her in my “who are you?” section a few months ago. At least I’m consistent. The birds and blank stares also brings you back to a Hitchcockian era. We all love a little of that. Fly High on this coming fashion season.

3 responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. I’m flyin’ !!!! Will tell you why when I see you.

  2. Hmmmm….is this a hint about your future? We’re off to Miami tomorrow-back Tuesday.

  3. I think everyone is ready for Spring!!!! Thoses are great adds!!!!

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