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She is my Sexy Mama, Spiritual Mother, I’m so proud of Laura.  Her voice and soulfulness is so soothing and has helped me get thru many difficult times. I remember seeing her perform at The Bottom Line in NYC many times. These memories will stay with me forever.  At the time I didn’t realize what magic it was and how I would never see my idol again.  I will cherish all her songs and performances and memories of playing her albums in my room growing up.  My sisters had these records and it was a huge influence on my life.  I didn’t quite understand Laura at such a young age, but I knew it was special and her voice spoke to me.  Thank you, Laura and we love you and will always remember you!!


One of my music idols for over twenty years has been PJ HARVEY.  She has has over 8 cds and many side projects as well.  The rock critics are gushing and every album has a different feeling with a different type of edge.  She sings in many octaves and can belt out some loud noise, and also the softest whisper you have ever heard.  She plays guitar and has a reptilian personality.  Her performances are amazing — I went to Terminal 5 recently to see her, once again.  Her music is quality and also for the explorer.  Here is a quick summary of some of Polly Jean’s library:

2011 – Let England Shake –  this belongs to the soldiers and the land-quirky
2007 – White Chalk – bare bones piano
2004 – Uh Huh Her – back to raw and hard
2000 – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea – Straight forward rock
1998 – Is This Desire – Hard and Soft – classic PJ
1995 – To Bring You My Love –  epic!!!
1992 – Dry – Stripped down and raw where it all began


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PATTI! Everyone knows that DEC 30th is a special night.. This is Patti’s birthday and her performance at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. She also plays on New Year’s Eve. This tradition started 13 years ago. I was lucky enough this year to grab some tickets and go. See above my photo from my Blackberry. Ha!  Patti has been my idol from the late 70’s. I had every single album she released. Not hard because each one is a masterpiece in its own right.  Start at the beginning with “Horses,” and follow the path from there . Her voice and projected stage presence is still as grand as it was when she started. Patti Smith keep going…. Oh BTW: her book “Just Kids” just won a literary award and was released in paperback.  Patti’s voice is one that will be in my heart and soul forever.


Alice, where are you? Did you fall down a rabbit hole under a tree? Having tea with a White Rabbit? After seeing the amazing “Alice in Wonderland” movie, I had to wonder where is Grace Slick? Why is she so quiet and timid?. She has been one of my favorite singers since Jefferson Airplane through the journey to the Jefferson Starship in the 70’s. I even used their album cover for a high school art project. How bohemian of me! She still one of the leading lady’s of rock. Her White Rabbit can be mine anytime. I never get tired of this song or her voice. She is the queen of Hearts in my eyes.

IDOL EYES- Barbara Cook

She is not the”other” Barbara! Besides they have different spellings. Now I know why my uncle, dad, and many friends are big fans. Her voice is as clear as crystal. She is still working as hard as ever. This spring Ms.Cook will be cooking in “Sondheim on Sondheim”. I’m sure she will be good as ever. I saw her perform a few years ago,and was reminded why she is adored by all. For those who do not know her, please discover, and others please rediscover. Her voice and beauty will send you back to the kitchen for more.

IDOL EYES- Barbra Streisand

alg_barbara_streisandIdol of all idols is the one and only Babs. I’m so glad she is returning with new music, the CD Love is the Answer.. She refuses to change her look. The straight hair and her signature nails is what make her who she is. I think she is aware of that. No more mini’s, only Donna Karen chic. The voice like no other! She has been one of my idols since she made me crack up in her early films. I just love that Brooklyn accent. Not only is love the answer, but Barbra is the answer. Go back to essential Barbra CD for the entire history.


Love, Love, Love !!!! I have been following this chic since the early days of her rock band HOLE. She proved herself as a great songwriter through the years. I recently saw a photo of her that shocked me, but not in a good way. She was way too frail. I know she is a shocker, but this was not good. I need my idol to finally release her next record which has been on hold for months and months. I even went to her book signing many Halloweens ago. The diary is amazing . She was determined to make it and she did. Courtney, please keep making music. We Love, Love, Love,

IDOL EYES: Twig The Wonder Kid


Just the name TWIGGY made me feel all goofy.  I was obsessed with those long eye lashes and her groovy clothing. Chunky plastic jewelry looked so fun and hip. For some reason Twiggy was one of my idols growing up. She was a visual fun party. She always looked cool and with it! Her image has been loved from many photographers around the world. Avedon did it best. Sock it to me baby!!!



“And then there’s Maude”…

I think this song was my first lullaby before bed. I used to stay up to watch this show. I felt cool, adult and modern. I remember this as being one of my “favorites shows”. Was I a teenage feminist? It certainly wasn’t her outfits, although I did love those scarfs!  Her overpowering brassy voice and attitude was refreshing and had me glued. This is where it all started for me and then many years later I was still attracted to Bea as my favorite “Golden Girl”. I will miss
Bea Arthur. She was television for me.

IDOL EYES: Grace Jones


Don’t laugh, she may sweep you up like a Hurricanne. This is the title of her comeback CD which is still only a import. She was always a European fave! I have been following Ms. Jones since the early 70’s where she was the disco diva, then she became the 80’s cropped hair power women. Image,image,image is always what “makes the man”, but Gracie has talent too….her music makes you wonder into a world of power, love, and magic. Keep the rhythm spinning!