One of my music idols for over twenty years has been PJ HARVEY.  She has has over 8 cds and many side projects as well.  The rock critics are gushing and every album has a different feeling with a different type of edge.  She sings in many octaves and can belt out some loud noise, and also the softest whisper you have ever heard.  She plays guitar and has a reptilian personality.  Her performances are amazing — I went to Terminal 5 recently to see her, once again.  Her music is quality and also for the explorer.  Here is a quick summary of some of Polly Jean’s library:

2011 – Let England Shake –  this belongs to the soldiers and the land-quirky
2007 – White Chalk – bare bones piano
2004 – Uh Huh Her – back to raw and hard
2000 – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea – Straight forward rock
1998 – Is This Desire – Hard and Soft – classic PJ
1995 – To Bring You My Love –  epic!!!
1992 – Dry – Stripped down and raw where it all began


  1. I don’t know of this beauty! Thanks for turning her on to me! She’s really a looker…..with a face like that she could be a model as well!!!!!

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