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MARC DID IT AGAIN – Hello Dr. Seuss!

Louis Vuitton has gone zany and kooky for this coming Fall 2012 season.  Where are these women going?  Wherever it is I want to follow.  It looks like a lot of fun!  Mix and Match and Match and Mix, and top it all off with a Seuss-ish hat.  This is mad cap fashion and I love it!  These are no ordinary “Bag Ladies”!


Diet Coke- off the list ( too much sodium)
Cup Cakes- off the list
Ice Cream -off the list
Potato Chips – off the list

The new book from Simon Doonan, the famous creative director of Barneys New York, is telling it like it is.  His new book is pretty in pink and I love it!  The cover alone is smashing and the title makes me smile.  It is kinda true!  When you look at a menu, the first thing we do is look at what we are NOT eating.  No, no, nope, maybe, never, not tonight, ok I’ll go to the gym in the am.

Foodies the gays are!  Eaters we are not!  Remember: pink is the new black and just as slimming.


I’m just loving the Urban Lumberjack Look!  What makes this traditional look so now is this time around it is “Fitted and Slim.”  Rugged and Rough is the look but Sleek and Sexy is how you wear it.  Boots and bags and coats are the foundation of this look.  If this bag is too much of a plaid statement, then look for a red and black buffalo plaid shirt or jacket.  This Filson messenger bag is substantial and hot!  Filson has been making bags for miners since the gold rush.  This is so Americana!  Check Mate!


I am constantly asked by people to help them shop and buy gifts for themselves and others.  I guess I look like a walking catalog.  Anyway, I just recommended this book as a impressive gift for the music and photography lover.  I tested this book out myself and purchased it on Amazon for an amazing low price!  I expected a small-to-medium size book.  I received a very large, oversized coffee table book of amazing photos of Gaga taken by Terry Richardson who is the “man- boy wonder of fashion photography.”  Terry is total downtown edgy!   What a perfect collaboration. This is a wonderful, candid look into the crazy and kooky world of The Lady.  Terry’s lens captures it all while keeping with his raw and of the moment signature style. This twosome is a not a bad romance, a gorgeous one with a capital G.

The Envelope Please – Best Fall Advertising Campaign – LOUIS VUITTON

Every Season I look through pages and pages and pages, to see what jumps out at me in all the glossy fashion magazines.  I play a game with myself to see what I think is the best and has a unique appeal compared to all the others.  This Fall 2011 season I’m loving the 60’s night crawlers in the LV ads.  BLACK is back and the texture is pure Fuzzy.  The caps, the gloves, and the crocodile ROCKS!  Black Patent Leather Rules.  Call them Call Girls, I call them Rich Girls!


Everyone has heard of Red Wing but what about a Black Wing? I ran into the Coach Men’s only shop on Bleecker Street and fell in love with these Black Boots. I have seen lots of similar boots in reds, tans and browns, but this BLACK version made my day. The $298.00 price tag felt a little steep at this moment but will watch for a sale. I love these for Spring!  Don’t get tempted by the Tan color. Those are great too, but Black is where its at if you dare to be different.

The Dandy and His Pen

“Dandy Always.” “My Dandy Darling.” These are some of the quotes from my friend Patrick McDonald of New York. I first met Patrick in Fire Island and we became friends instantly. After seeing him at so many parties and, being afraid of those large cocktail rings and ascots, I found out he was a wonderful and friendly person . I ran to his book signing at Bergdorf Goodman. “Four Famous Dandies- Paper Dolls” is the title of this wonderful book about the men of exceptional studied style. Beau Brummell and Oscar Wilde are among the four. This is not matchy-matchy but taste at it highest level.


This Fall I think the best campaign goes to Burberry. I’m a sucker for shearling. I’m soooo glad I didn’t get rid of my old shearling coats. I will be marching them out of the closet this fall. The military trend is as forceful as ever thanks to Burberry. The models are so ready for action and are up for the call of duty. The duty to go to night clubs and chic parties. Will the coat check fit all these bulky coats? I have a feeling these kids won’t be checking but instead will be posing.


She acts like a princess with her outrageous zany costumes, but on the cover of the September Vanity Fair she became the Silver Foxcess in the City. This is a my first female silver foxcess for me to write about. Will there be others? She once again recreated herself into “my world”. I love this cover and couldn’t wait to have it. Thank you Nick Knight for taking such great photos of Gaga in the issue. The photos are gorgeous and her long silver hair shines to save all of her little monsters. She is The Silver Foxcess!


I have been addicted to the 70’s for some time. The music, the idols, the television shows, the fashion etc…but now it looks like the 80’s will be creeping up. This fall the house of Lanvin has recreated the Robert Palmer “Addicted To Love” video as part of their new ad campaign. The girls are fierce and full of fire on the pages of the glossy magazines. They are just missing the guitars and the guts of the originals slew of women. I’m ready! Are you?