I have been addicted to the 70’s for some time. The music, the idols, the television shows, the fashion etc…but now it looks like the 80’s will be creeping up. This fall the house of Lanvin has recreated the Robert Palmer “Addicted To Love” video as part of their new ad campaign. The girls are fierce and full of fire on the pages of the glossy magazines. They are just missing the guitars and the guts of the originals slew of women. I’m ready! Are you?

3 responses to “ADDICTED TO THE 80’s

  1. Love the late Robert Palmer!! U always make me remember a wild time in my life!That was a great video. Sleak add, u r right they need the guitars!lol!

  2. Whats the big deal. I make up to look like that everyday just to go to Gristedes.

  3. The 80’s are filled with wonderful memories for me including music and music videos! I would say almost every girl who was awake in the 80’s has at one point in their lives dressed as (or dressed up as) a Robert Palmer girl, myself included. They were the epitome of 80’s hotness. Sign me up – I am ready!

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