Preppy publisher Bill Clegg has written a book about his life as an addict. We all know that CRACK is WACK! Even Whitney knows that. I’m glad that Bill is ok and was able to get his feet on the ground to write his memoir. The light side meets the dark side. Ralph Lauren meets the crack pipe. Go Bill and continue with your sobriety! We are all routing for you.

2 responses to “PORTRAIT OF A PREPPY

  1. Why do I have this vision of the polo logo with a crack pipe instead of a polo stick?
    It’s always a blessing when someone can come out of the darkness and in to the light, ready to take steps towards a better life.

  2. Sounds interesting ! But did u see the Enquirer lately ?? Looks like Whitney is back on the crack !! LOL !!Not that I read such trash !! LOL !!

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