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Mini Miss Melissa

These cupcakes are in my mind “guilt free”, that is because they are so small that you forget you even put them in your mouth. All kinds of kooky flavors too. Baked By Melissa is my new favorite thing. Mini bite size cupcakes!! They are also displayed in such a manor– like toy soliders lined up to be eaten. Very orderly and neat. Just how I like it. Missy has two locations already in the city. Dunkin better watch out, little mini Miss Melissa is on her way.

HIP TO BE SQUARE- Adrianne’s Pizza Bar

Wobble on down to the cobble stone street to STONE STREET in the Financial District to this wonderful pizza bar. We all know by now that pizza is cool again. This is not really a bar but a great place filled with fresh old fashion square pizza. It is the best I have tasted in awhile. Remember Ray’s Pizza in the village after nights of “clubbing”. Square is where it’s at!

Who Knew Burger Heaven Came With White Linens!

I made it through with only one napkin at this great new restaurant, 5 Napkin Burger on 45th/9th ave in New York City. Go for the original!! Let me warn you, it is extremely messy. By the end I was eating the burger and the bun with a fork and knife. This was a first. I guess that was why I didn’t need all 5 napkins like they suggested in their title. I left floating……



I don’t know about you, but just about every night at around 10pm, the sweet tooth fairy arrives to my door. I want brownies, ice cream, cheesecake. or any kind of cookies ,and sometimes it is just good old Hershey’s. Instead I go for my sugar-free Jello. We all know that all any sugar at 10pm is just not good!  All the tropical flavors of my Jello sends me into desert heaven but without the added guilt. Try it…it may change your life. It did mine and my scale.

Hey Kid- Cabrito

Picture 1

Remember the days of Carmine St. Old records stores and the best Italian food??  Well it has a new twist called Cabrito! I’m always looking for a new authentic Mexican restaurant in town. This small eatery is up beat and cool. Don’t get scared from their speciality…Goat!  I tried it and it was rather tasty. Please PETA don’t throw paint!!

How Sweet It Is: Sundaes and Cones


Summer is coming and so is Mint Chocolate Chip! I know it is not good for the waist, but hey if tastes good every once in a while, go for it! This homemade Ice Cream joint cleverly named Sundaes and Cones is located at 95 E 10th St between 3rd and 4th Ave. is totally worth the trip. You will feel like Cape Cod has invaded The City. Their unique flavors are a plus, but for me it was all about the MCC(mint chocolate chip). I did not feel guilty!

Sip, Shake, and Spin: STAND

Toasted Marshmallow Shakes! Stop right there! This is totally “bananas”! A Pot of Pickles! Get me out of here, I mean get me in here. This burger haven in Union Square is one of my favorite spots. Everything is amazing. This chic eatery plays some of the best music in town and everything here is great. You can not go wrong. I need to try a” take out” shake so I can go to marshmallow heaven again!

Cuban with a C!


Was it Ave A, B or C? I know it’s 12th St…I kept telling my friends as we walked and walked and walked to try to find CAFECITO, a authentic Cuban restaurant. Cheap Eats is always a good thing and the walk through alphabet city was worth the wait. Everyone was in joy to find a exciting menu and with great prices. Again beef was boss at the table.  The skirt steak (Cuban style of course) was a highlight  and this is a crowd pleaser for all.  I’ve already been there a few times with friends. Plantains are an A even if on C!!!

Almond Joy


It’s all in the mix!! Not only how the ingredients and flavors come together on the plate you are being served but also the restaurants mix of people. Eating at Almond, a new branch of the Bridgehampton location, brings it all together…people, great food, a celeb or two (no names to be mentioned), but it’s not that type of place. A very friendly owner and Maitre’ di makes sure everyone is having a great time and that guests have everything they need. This is the real mccoy for great dining and great people with out all the hoopla!!!

Beef is Boss


As you all know, the recession is hitting us all hard in different ways.

The stress, pressure, and cutting back is no fun! Recently I found myself eating steak at Prime House NYC …how inldugent during these times! I decided that maybe for once beef should be my boss and what a great way to release all the economic tension.

Another place to let it all go is Striphouse.  As I was cutting through my steak like butter, I said to myself….this has to be better than spending money on yet another pair of deisgner jeans.