I don’t know about you, but just about every night at around 10pm, the sweet tooth fairy arrives to my door. I want brownies, ice cream, cheesecake. or any kind of cookies ,and sometimes it is just good old Hershey’s. Instead I go for my sugar-free Jello. We all know that all any sugar at 10pm is just not good!  All the tropical flavors of my Jello sends me into desert heaven but without the added guilt. Try it…it may change your life. It did mine and my scale.

3 responses to “SWEET TOOTH SLAYER

  1. Thank you for the tip! Cuz the only tip I’m doing right now is tippin’ the scale!!! EEK!

  2. I love the sugar free puddings! They just came out with Cinnamon Roll and have a Dulce du Lece that’s amazing

  3. I love jello….guilt free and definately takes the “edge” off

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