I am constantly asked by people to help them shop and buy gifts for themselves and others.  I guess I look like a walking catalog.  Anyway, I just recommended this book as a impressive gift for the music and photography lover.  I tested this book out myself and purchased it on Amazon for an amazing low price!  I expected a small-to-medium size book.  I received a very large, oversized coffee table book of amazing photos of Gaga taken by Terry Richardson who is the “man- boy wonder of fashion photography.”  Terry is total downtown edgy!   What a perfect collaboration. This is a wonderful, candid look into the crazy and kooky world of The Lady.  Terry’s lens captures it all while keeping with his raw and of the moment signature style. This twosome is a not a bad romance, a gorgeous one with a capital G.

One response to “2012 KICK START: LADY GAGA

  1. What a nice book! Maybe a late Xmas gift for me! Ha! Thanks!

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