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This Fall I think the best campaign goes to Burberry. I’m a sucker for shearling. I’m soooo glad I didn’t get rid of my old shearling coats. I will be marching them out of the closet this fall. The military trend is as forceful as ever thanks to Burberry. The models are so ready for action and are up for the call of duty. The duty to go to night clubs and chic parties. Will the coat check fit all these bulky coats? I have a feeling these kids won’t be checking but instead will be posing.


She acts like a princess with her outrageous zany costumes, but on the cover of the September Vanity Fair she became the Silver Foxcess in the City. This is a my first female silver foxcess for me to write about. Will there be others? She once again recreated herself into “my world”. I love this cover and couldn’t wait to have it. Thank you Nick Knight for taking such great photos of Gaga in the issue. The photos are gorgeous and her long silver hair shines to save all of her little monsters. She is The Silver Foxcess!


I have been addicted to the 70’s for some time. The music, the idols, the television shows, the fashion etc…but now it looks like the 80’s will be creeping up. This fall the house of Lanvin has recreated the Robert Palmer “Addicted To Love” video as part of their new ad campaign. The girls are fierce and full of fire on the pages of the glossy magazines. They are just missing the guitars and the guts of the originals slew of women. I’m ready! Are you?


I guess I meant wham BANG thank you ma’am. “Bang” being the new fragrance for men from Marc. I loved his fragrances of past…so soft, light and airy. I’m scared. This new image is a little strong for me. Marc, we all hit the gym, we all reinvent ourselves, we all are in our 40’s, we all have facial hair, we got it, but you’re really scaring me. You better smell great!!!


NO!!!! I’m not buying these sneakers, but I do think they are “super- cool”.

NO!!!! Not available on line, only in the store at Barneys.

NO!!!! They will not be in the new Sex in the City 2 movie on one of the guys!

NO!!!! This is not the first time Christian Louboutin has designed men’s.


Another Piece Of Tom

The DVD is coming. Pre- order now from so the day it comes out you will be hugging the postman for your piece of Tom. Most of you have seen this film this past December. I have to see it again. It has so much style and so much heart, that a second viewing is in order. The dancing scene between Colin Firth and Juliana Moore is genius. The song they dance to BTW is called “Green Onions” by Booker T. and The MG’s. I had to download it from iTunes after seeing the film. Escape into another part of Tom’s world.


You heard of the Sea of Love? Well check out the Sea of Havianas! During my last trip to Miami, I discovered a different sea at TOOTSIES (305-674-0068). This salon and boutique has the largest selection of these wonderful rubber sandals in Miami. Skulls, flags, hearts, stripes, dots…you name it. The novelty of seeing all the unique styles in baskets all over the store, made me become an instant collector. I walked out with 3 pairs later and a reunion with a old friend (the owner). What a pleasant afternoon. Summertime, I’m ready!!!