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I guess I meant wham BANG thank you ma’am. “Bang” being the new fragrance for men from Marc. I loved his fragrances of past…so soft, light and airy. I’m scared. This new image is a little strong for me. Marc, we all hit the gym, we all reinvent ourselves, we all are in our 40’s, we all have facial hair, we got it, but you’re really scaring me. You better smell great!!!


NO!!!! I’m not buying these sneakers, but I do think they are “super- cool”.

NO!!!! Not available on line, only in the store at Barneys.

NO!!!! They will not be in the new Sex in the City 2 movie on one of the guys!

NO!!!! This is not the first time Christian Louboutin has designed men’s.


Another Piece Of Tom

The DVD is coming. Pre- order now from so the day it comes out you will be hugging the postman for your piece of Tom. Most of you have seen this film this past December. I have to see it again. It has so much style and so much heart, that a second viewing is in order. The dancing scene between Colin Firth and Juliana Moore is genius. The song they dance to BTW is called “Green Onions” by Booker T. and The MG’s. I had to download it from iTunes after seeing the film. Escape into another part of Tom’s world.


You heard of the Sea of Love? Well check out the Sea of Havianas! During my last trip to Miami, I discovered a different sea at TOOTSIES (305-674-0068). This salon and boutique has the largest selection of these wonderful rubber sandals in Miami. Skulls, flags, hearts, stripes, dots…you name it. The novelty of seeing all the unique styles in baskets all over the store, made me become an instant collector. I walked out with 3 pairs later and a reunion with a old friend (the owner). What a pleasant afternoon. Summertime, I’m ready!!!


This black tomb is full of color, ideas and wonderful fantasy images. It is years of advertising campaigns, product product and more product, and also a lesson in Italian history. It comes in a black case that is elegant and mocks Prada’s signature leather embossed pattern. Sorry the case is not leather!! It is still a wonderful book that will look impressive on any coffee table in any decor. This is a great way to hang on to the world of luxury and also float back to the streamlined 90’s.

Mothers Day: A Suggestion from The Silver Fox

Trust Me! Buy “Essence” by Narciso Rodriquez for somebody! Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt or Friend. This wonderful smelling perfume will make any women smile. I bought it last December for my sister for her birthday and when she tried it on, the scent took over. Her reaction was like she almost melted with joy! The bottle and presentation is stunning. Chic and Simple is the Narciso way.

I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.. UNIQLO + J

This concept is not new: High end designer (Jil Sander) meets cool Japanese retailer (Uniqlo) = Sharp minimal well priced collection for the masses. I usually do not consider myself a mass shopper but this collection has grabbed me. Checkout on line to see the +J collection. I bought a tee shirt and a great nylon parka for way under $100.00 for both items. The design, quality, and details have surpassed all other collections and collaborations I have seen so far in this price range. When I wear my items I still feel like I walked off the runway.  Will Prada be next?  Who ever thought Jil Sander (the queen of minimalism) would design at this price point. GENIUS!!


Love yourself and buy this third volume of this British import magazine–LOVE . As you know I have been collecting this magazine since it started. This time there are about 6 different cover models. It is hard to pick, I would go with the Brits- Kate or Naomi since it is a British publication. The pages of Love are like walking through a museum where creativity is dripping from the walls. At less than $20.00 this is a treat that you can sink your teeth in and display on your coffee table. Listen to Lennon and McCartney -” All you need is Love”…


It is hard to think about Fall 2010, but get ready! The Fall runway shows just occurred all over the world and there was one MAJOR MESSAGE- FUR! The recession has hit hard and I think everyone is feeling it, so why not wrap a animal’s fur around you for some comfort and warmth. It is Fur’s Ferocious Return.


Bravo to Bravo for coming up with another riveting show. We all know the fashion world is “cut throat”, but this is crazy! Kell’s stable of 20 year olds all are so wired and wound up, which is actually fun to watch. Kell too. They all talk and act like their water cooler in the office is filled with RED BULL. We know there is alot to do in a day, but maybe this show needs to chill for a second before the next fashion week. Well only for a minute, then back to speed!