You heard of the Sea of Love? Well check out the Sea of Havianas! During my last trip to Miami, I discovered a different sea at TOOTSIES (305-674-0068). This salon and boutique has the largest selection of these wonderful rubber sandals in Miami. Skulls, flags, hearts, stripes, dots…you name it. The novelty of seeing all the unique styles in baskets all over the store, made me become an instant collector. I walked out with 3 pairs later and a reunion with a old friend (the owner). What a pleasant afternoon. Summertime, I’m ready!!!

2 responses to “I ALMOST FLIPPED OUT

  1. sadly i’m one of the few human beings who just can’t bare to have anything between my toes… no havianas for me.

  2. Wow, I just got back from F.L. last night & had to buy new flip flops…..Go Figure ? Damn, wish I could of got a pair from this cool store……I’ll check it out when I go back…..Thanks ….

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