I guess I meant wham BANG thank you ma’am. “Bang” being the new fragrance for men from Marc. I loved his fragrances of past…so soft, light and airy. I’m scared. This new image is a little strong for me. Marc, we all hit the gym, we all reinvent ourselves, we all are in our 40’s, we all have facial hair, we got it, but you’re really scaring me. You better smell great!!!

3 responses to “WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM

  1. He could live at the gym…he still looks like a Jewish nerd to me.

  2. OMG !! What is Marc selling again ?? LOL …That’s a HOT TAMALE !! I’ll try it….

  3. When YSL posed it was in good taste, this is just trashy! would have worked better for me with some new hot model….. We know he finally discovered the gym, thank you!

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