Alice, where are you? Did you fall down a rabbit hole under a tree? Having tea with a White Rabbit? After seeing the amazing “Alice in Wonderland” movie, I had to wonder where is Grace Slick? Why is she so quiet and timid?. She has been one of my favorite singers since Jefferson Airplane through the journey to the Jefferson Starship in the 70’s. I even used their album cover for a high school art project. How bohemian of me! She still one of the leading lady’s of rock. Her White Rabbit can be mine anytime. I never get tired of this song or her voice. She is the queen of Hearts in my eyes.

One response to “IDOL EYES- GRACE SLICK

  1. Yea, Slick has been laying low for a while now, haven’t heard anything ……Such a Icon !! Love her !!

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