Fantastic Mr. Fox (not in the city!)

I just can’t get enough of Meryl Streep! She has transformed into the voice of a female fox and she plays the role of the mother of the Fantastic Fox family. I ran to see this movie in the last theater that it was playing! It is now readily available on DVD. This “quirky” movie is really different and is based on the Roland Dahl children’s book. It is great for all ages and is rather mature. Beware of when the foxes eat their meals, it had me in stitches. It is not always sweet and sour, but sly and foxy!

3 responses to “Fantastic Mr. Fox (not in the city!)

  1. Sounds great. Will definately rent it.

  2. you know I never got a chance to see this movie, but was told that it was really well written & I would like it……With Streep & Clooney in the mix how can you go wrong !! I’ll look for it…..Thanks !!

  3. Are you writing the copy on the Silver Fox in the City e-mails?
    There very good.

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