Blast from the Past: POLYESTER

Bargain Bin Basement. This is exactly where John Waters may expect his “pre-hairspray” masterpiece to show up. At $4.99 I could not resist to grab it immediately. I remember this movie featuring the amazing Divine as the bee hive queen. Seeing this in the movie theater with it’s “scratch and sniff” card  was like having 3-d but for the nose instead of the eyes. What a concept!  Although some smells were better than others…it is a John Waters movie. The card is still included in the reissue of this classic on DVD!

One response to “Blast from the Past: POLYESTER

  1. I forgot all about “Polyester” !! Only “Divine” could get away w/such raunchy humor !! Love it way back when , I’ll make sure to see it again !!

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