OK, Everyone loves Emilio Pucci. It is the ultimate 60’s dream print. The swirls and colors brings back visions of Twiggy, Mini skirts, Mod, Beyond Chic, and Grand Luxury!

I recently discovered this OVERSIZED book at the Taschen book shop in Soho for $200.00. The array of covers were all out and a Brazilian woman was buying it as a wedding present for her girlfriend (great idea!). You can pick the cover you like there, but if you want to pay only $126.00 then go to Amazon.com. They will ship you the cover they want for you. Go crazy and swirl all over and get wild for prints. I can’t wait to see what cover I get! Make room, coffee table, for your new flamboyant friend.


  1. Love those wild prints and colors!

  2. I am so with you. What a genius he was. This spring will be so inspired by Pucci. Thanks for sharing. xo

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