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$21,000 photographs by Anton Corbijn….. I’ll take two! Talk about a splurge galore! I was recently at the opening at the Stellan Holm Gallery in NYC of Anton Corbijn’s “Inwards and Onwards” show. As I walked in the room I was so excited to see these large size visions (57″x57″) on the walls. Anton is known for his grainy photos of musicians and artists. This show included Bruce Springsteen, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Alexander McQueen among others. Anton is also a film director and has been a visual director for U2 since 1983. Bono arrived and I told him and Anton about my “U2 and Peter” photo I own from the last show (no, it was not as large or even close to this price). We had a great conversation and talked about our memories of 1983. I then kindly asked for this wonderful photo op, and Bono said sure and to “keep staying young.”


I have been talking about the return of the MEN’s Backpack! I’m crazy over this Wool Felt olive green Jack Spade backpack. It is large, roomy and trimmed in leather. The $375.00 price is worth the Splurge for the season. This is strictly for Fall/Winter. The rugged wool felt and army green color hits two trends at once. Put this on over your “statement coat” and you will be ready to march right into an army for dreamers!


OK, Everyone loves Emilio Pucci. It is the ultimate 60’s dream print. The swirls and colors brings back visions of Twiggy, Mini skirts, Mod, Beyond Chic, and Grand Luxury!

I recently discovered this OVERSIZED book at the Taschen book shop in Soho for $200.00. The array of covers were all out and a Brazilian woman was buying it as a wedding present for her girlfriend (great idea!). You can pick the cover you like there, but if you want to pay only $126.00 then go to They will ship you the cover they want for you. Go crazy and swirl all over and get wild for prints. I can’t wait to see what cover I get! Make room, coffee table, for your new flamboyant friend.


I will do anything for “firming elasticity repair”… wouldn’t you? So why not spread some light blue cream on your face! The color is so intense that it makes you feel like you are in some experimental project in Mars. The smell is wonderful and the effects really works. I feel like this product removes any damage that my New York City day brings on. Once this “Blue Copper” is on my face I feel repaired for life. All the best beauty magazines loves this product. It is also the number one by Osmotics. Take the trip to Mars or Saturn with some Blue Copper.


I am camo-crazed. I always was and always will be! This pattern/trend comes and goes and hides and then reappears. Get ready for Fall/Winter 2010! This print will be everywhere. I have not worn a backpack since the late 80’s. I’m ready only if it is in Camo! Prada Camouflage is the best. The coated material is rugged and durable. Ready for the army. It is sold out just about everywhere. I must go on the HUNT soon before they all get eaten alive by others. One, Two, Three, Go!!


As I was scrolling through the Bergdorf Goodman spring catalog, I was flashed by these Prada white leather hot wingtip shoes. The white leather with the wingtip detail and red bottoms looked so fresh. I have not been attracted to men’s shoes in a while. The action seems to be in the sneaker area now and not in shoes. The $595.00 splurge will probably go to half off sooner than you know. The “fear” of dirt can delay many potential buyers.  I think these may be around for some discount shopping.  You have to be daring to do white. Remember foxes can be sly not shy…

SPLURGE GALORE- Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask by Fresh


This mask is like no other. First of all it is not made of CLAY! I can’t stand the messy clay masks which stain and get all over the place. This mask is a white smooth slightly textured substance that smells like a dream. This instant mask feels soooo good and smells soooo good. After you use this, your face will feel like it is brand new. We all need some of that. Splurge on this wonderful product. Not everything is build out of clay!