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I will do anything for “firming elasticity repair”… wouldn’t you? So why not spread some light blue cream on your face! The color is so intense that it makes you feel like you are in some experimental project in Mars. The smell is wonderful and the effects really works. I feel like this product removes any damage that my New York City day brings on. Once this “Blue Copper” is on my face I feel repaired for life. All the best beauty magazines loves this product. It is also the number one by Osmotics. Take the trip to Mars or Saturn with some Blue Copper.


I am camo-crazed. I always was and always will be! This pattern/trend comes and goes and hides and then reappears. Get ready for Fall/Winter 2010! This print will be everywhere. I have not worn a backpack since the late 80’s. I’m ready only if it is in Camo! Prada Camouflage is the best. The coated material is rugged and durable. Ready for the army. It is sold out just about everywhere. I must go on the HUNT soon before they all get eaten alive by others. One, Two, Three, Go!!


As I was scrolling through the Bergdorf Goodman spring catalog, I was flashed by these Prada white leather hot wingtip shoes. The white leather with the wingtip detail and red bottoms looked so fresh. I have not been attracted to men’s shoes in a while. The action seems to be in the sneaker area now and not in shoes. The $595.00 splurge will probably go to half off sooner than you know. The “fear” of dirt can delay many potential buyers.  I think these may be around for some discount shopping.  You have to be daring to do white. Remember foxes can be sly not shy…

SPLURGE GALORE- Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask by Fresh


This mask is like no other. First of all it is not made of CLAY! I can’t stand the messy clay masks which stain and get all over the place. This mask is a white smooth slightly textured substance that smells like a dream. This instant mask feels soooo good and smells soooo good. After you use this, your face will feel like it is brand new. We all need some of that. Splurge on this wonderful product. Not everything is build out of clay!

Splurge Galore: Classic with a Twist of YSL

Goodbye messenger, Hello tote!  Years of hands-free messenger bags was enough. I’m tired of collecting mail. I’m feeling now, and has been for the last 6 months the” hand held tote”. This bag makes me feel stylish, confident and smooth. I’m ready for anything. Go for this YSL classic tote . It never goes away and is from an “it” bag. IT is a wonderful leather with a comfortable hand. Black and Brown are the staples (never on sale), or be smart and go for the color that is on markdown. I went for off-white. Dare to be Different.


movadobaby_2058_457753795High Tech Ceramic-
Glossy Glow-
Diamond Delight-
The Return of Minimalism.
Chic and Daring.
Summer Sizzle !!

Lucky Five


The word savings these days is almost extinct due to the economic crisis. Banks are a bad word. I tried a new game in town called “lucky five”.  Every time you get a $5.00 bill, immediately  your eyes should light up and put it in your other pocket. When you get home take out the bill(s), and put this in your ceramic bank of choice. A high spot on a shelve is a good idea so it does not tempt you. In a few months these lucky fives will add up to a splurge galore! Try it and be a piggly wiggly!!

Splurge Galore: Silver Sound


I’m starting this new category because we all love to splurge…especially the silver fox!  There comes a time when you just got to do it! You close your eyes and sign on the dotted line. Most splurges you will enjoy and will make you feel good. These deluxe headphones from Bang and Olufsenare amazing looking with amazing sound! The $160.00 price tag is worth it. Enough with the white…go silver this spring. Silver Lux!