As I was scrolling through the Bergdorf Goodman spring catalog, I was flashed by these Prada white leather hot wingtip shoes. The white leather with the wingtip detail and red bottoms looked so fresh. I have not been attracted to men’s shoes in a while. The action seems to be in the sneaker area now and not in shoes. The $595.00 splurge will probably go to half off sooner than you know. The “fear” of dirt can delay many potential buyers.  I think these may be around for some discount shopping.  You have to be daring to do white. Remember foxes can be sly not shy…

3 responses to “SPLURGE GALORE: White Hot

  1. Are you a sly fox or shy??? I like the shoes .

  2. Are you a sly fox or shy???? I like the shoes.!!!

  3. Those shoes are beautiful! I would be afraid to wear such stunning whites but then again, shouldn’t we all face our fears!??
    Now if only I was a boy….(insert Beyonce song here)

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