Rudy’s Brand No. 1 Shampoo is my new hip discovery. I feel in love with the large brown plastic bottle and nice easy pump. The funky lettering on the bottle was so retro and masculine. Boys, we know it is hard to find a butch shampoo for the shower. As I was walking through the new hipster palace – the ACE HOTEL – in New York, I saw this cool bottle in a glass case. I was on a search for a new shampoo this week and when they said it was from the original Rudy’s Barber shop in Seattle, it sealed the deal. This retro-hip shop is now a small chain and is part of the ACE HOTEL. They use this in all the rooms, too. The price of $14.00 for this nice size bottle seemed like a good value . Oh, and yes I did smell it and It was one of those smells that my nose instantly said YES to!

4 responses to “TREAT OF THE WEEK – HELLO RUDY!

  1. Now I think I have founs a new gift for the man in my life, thanks to you. Keep upthe good and interesting work!

  2. I’ve heard you like “a nice easy pump”

  3. Large brown bottle & easy pump! Yes, leave to u to find BUTCH shampoo ! Ha!

  4. Smells good and it works for me
    A little dab will do ya
    Paul nee Butch

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