MARY, MORRISSEY & ME – Mary McCartney’s “From Where I Stand”

Remember the first Paul McCartney solo record called “McCartney”? Well, Paul is holding his first child Mary wrapped in a blanket.  Some time has past, and Mary is now a promising photographer.  Her new book is  called “From Where I Stand”.  I walked into her opening reception to see this large photo she had taken of Morrissey.  I knew we were instant friends.  I spoke with her about the photo and she  is a big fan and was at the concert but was without the right camera.  She still managed to take one of the best photos of Morrissey that I have seen.  The book is a journey through her world expanding from Arizona, 1995  to The Royal Opera House, 2004.  Her stance is interesting, diverse and from her specific perspective.

2 responses to “MARY, MORRISSEY & ME – Mary McCartney’s “From Where I Stand”

  1. must be nice to be able to follow your passion as artists when your dad is a billionaire…

  2. Wow,that’s a great shot! so cool u got to talk w her…….lucky dog!

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