Music Maniac: ROBYN Body Talk Pt 1

Join the Robyn club! I just joined and ran to see her live at Webster Hall in NYC. This Swedish pop star can put on a non-stop cabaret of song and dance. She is sooo sweet and her voice is sooo sweet–but her beats will go through your body like a electric shock. Enough said! Her fans know every word and love to jump and dance like crazy. It is contagious. Her anthem “Dancing on my own” is a leader in strength and power. Alone time is always good and healthy. I have been “Dancing with myself” for years.

2 responses to “Music Maniac: ROBYN Body Talk Pt 1

  1. Second (or third) Silver Fox received. My Comment was that I’ve been dancing on my own for years (and still am!).

  2. Some friends where just talking about her last night ! Go figure ? I’ll check it out …….Thanks

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