It just keeps following me where ever I go.. Rush and check out Andy Warhol- The Last Decade at the Brooklyn Museum until Sept 12th. This show was a whole lot of eighties. Remember Diane Brill…. queen of the nightlife. Well she is interviewed on video as part of the show. It was great watching all the Warhol TV clips among others… Interview magazine covers galore. The first “oversized” magazine to hit the news stands. Think W, V, etc. they were all influenced by the large size format of Warhol’s Interview magazine. So totally eighties!! The art is also oversized…. Camo, Self Portraits, The Last Supper, and more. All in the most fashionable Warhol 80’s. These prints are not camouflaged!!

One response to “CAMO CRAZY Part II- ANDY WARHOL

  1. God, I just love all of it !! Give me more !!

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