Happy Birthday Dad! How lucky am I to know that my Dad is a Kiehl’s fan. How cool! I guess it is true. Like father like son, or is it silver fox like silver fox. We both use the same shave and both have the same silver hair. Good taste runs in the family. I have been using this shave cream for over 10 years. It is the best ! Keep on being young and cool. Your the best!!

4 responses to “KOOL KIEHLS DAD

  1. You are both the best to me!!!!

  2. I have never used it, but I love Kiehl’s products! I’ll try it! Thanks!

  3. LOVE Keihl’s!!!!

  4. Thanks for the shaving cream and the other good products.
    The good wishes on my birthday is even more appreciated
    Thanks for being a great son.

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