Anyone who is a fan of fish tacos needs to check into this restaurant. It is not a hotel but a tilapia taco heaven.  They are out of this world.  This cheap and cheerful eatery is so authentic that you will absolutely love the food and the prices.  The guacamole is also a must!  This gem is really hidden on E14th Street.  You can easily miss it.  It looks like an average take-out but inside it is adorable and has great music playing from this family-owned iPod.  No need to over pay for the new trend in tacos.  This is the real deal!

2 responses to “HIDDEN GEM – HOTEL TORTUGA

  1. Let’s make a date and go there!!!! Soon.

  2. my experience at hotel tortuga, realy what it too try the telapia tacos but they were out da fish and the salsa. so the waiter comes back and sad no more fish, so i try the mole and veggies wish it was ok but

    the tacos come with flour tortilla when i had recuested corn.
    i rate it *

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