Hidden Gem- Tomas Maier

Miami, Palm Beach, and now Wainscott. My all time favorite boutique is expanding. The mix of clothes, books, accessories are so chic. You will fall over. When I walk in my head is spinning. Everything is so chic. They say it’s all in the mix. Tomas is the creative director for Bottega Venetta. His taste level certainly turned that house around. We all want some woven leather. Right! I love looking at his favorite DVD’s. Old time movies that he loves and so do I. I picked up a great little book on Helmut Newton photos as a Hamptons souvenir. At $10.00 I may have found the least expensive thing in the store. What a hidden gem. The store and the book.

2 responses to “Hidden Gem- Tomas Maier

  1. Where is Wainscot? Maine? NY?

  2. Oh how I remember how u love Tomas Maier ! That little house in Miami is terrific….Glad to hear he’s expanding…..Great stuff !!

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