HIDDEN GEM- Sigmund Pretzelshop


29 Avenue B at 3rd St.

New York, NY

646-410 0333


Caramel with pecans

Goat cheese with her dipping sauce

Nutella(an oldie but a goodie)

If this isn’t enough to get you in the mood for this fun amazing adorable new pretzel shop, then I’m confused. This is no mall “auntie”what ever!!! These pretzels are super-yum!!

2 responses to “HIDDEN GEM- Sigmund Pretzelshop

  1. Yum ! I wish I was in N.Y.C. to get some…..U r so lucky to have everything right outside your front door !!

  2. Mmmmm….your pretzel is so tender and delicious. More sauce please…..

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