A Black and White World of Chic

Spot the Fake #1 (Published: New York Times, T Magazine)

Model Marion Morehouse and unidentified model wearing dresses by

Take a trip to the International Center for Photography (ICP). This is one of my favorite museums. It doesn’t take hours to do, nor is it in a nose bleed part of town…it’s only at 42nd and 6th Ave.  The exhibit runs from from Jan 16-May 3rd and they are presenting two shows that are contrasts from different times and eras.  Black and white it is not!!  Well some photos are.  Two for the price of one.  Ying and yang.  Hard and soft (you’ll understand when you see the shows)!  I was impressed with the contrast of both shows. Go see it!!

One response to “A Black and White World of Chic

  1. I loved this show-fashion outside the box

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