Idol Eyes: Stevie Nicks


It seems that many of my idols are from the 70’s. These idols are from my “formative” years. Yes, it was that era that consisted of my childhood memories. Listening to Fleetwood Mac in my bedroom brought comfort and excitment. Stevie Nick is the only women that could be a good witch and a bad witch. Her voice is like no other! Get ready for Fleetwood Mac Unleashed: Hits Tour 2009…coming to you this spring.

Listen to the wise winged Stevie!

2 responses to “Idol Eyes: Stevie Nicks

  1. gaaaaaaaaaaah i love stevie, and this picture is beautiful.

  2. hello silver fox ~ wonderful to find you!
    i was on a quest to find just the right pic of stevie nicks and google images led me to your blog … cool!
    not only was i happy to find this wonderful image, but delighted to find your blog … i have just spent some time poking around and i love it!
    thanks so much,

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