Danceteria Days


Fiorucci, Banarama, and Rubber Bracelets…why is fall fashion obsessed with the 80’s?? The  current fall 2009 fashion shows were in sync.  One must ask was Gucci and Marc Jacobs drinking the same water? Did they both pull out their Psychedelic Furs, Blondie and Culture Club records? Does recession mean dress up and act crazy?  Its all Fun! Dayglo, Polka Dots and all…check out the colorful makeup and wild hair. Brings back flashbacks, not flashdance(the un-80’s)!

One response to “Danceteria Days

  1. I love, love this blog! It’s so easy to follow and stay upto date with the best next thing in New York! Your style of writing makes me feel like we’re BFF’s. =)
    Keep up the fabulouse work, Mi Zorro Plateado!!!

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