Reason to be Cheerful: That Girl


When reality TV gets to be too much, turn to That Girl!  Any season on DVD will work. I have season 2!  Coming in May will be the release of season 5. This exciting DVD series is in multi-techno color. The 60’s and 70’s styling is so over the top, you have to smile . Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie works . She is like the first “Sex in the City” girl minus the cosmopolitan. No drinking allowed back then on television. Great to watch with friends. Talk about “Feel Good”. Have Fun.

2 responses to “Reason to be Cheerful: That Girl

  1. Yes -and Donald (her boy friend- who is dead now) looks like he was horse hung. I don’t know why I always felt sure of that–you never see his body,he was usually in a suit.

  2. just with that comment from Victor i have to get the series Thanks!!!

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