I tell everyone that I don’t do reviews, but I did promise I would let you know about this extravagant  event. This concert was one I will remember for ever. It was rock and roll at its best. In honor of Morrissey and The Smiths, I decided to do a list (yes I happen to love lists, all kinds!) of my favorite titles.

It was impossible to do a top 10 from 25 years of songwriting so it became:
MY TOP 20 Morrissey Song Titles( I hope you enjoy)…

FYI, this is not a set list

1-something is squeezing my skull
2-everyday is like sunday
3-the more you ignore me, the closer i get
4-the last of the famous international playboys
5-november spawned a monster
6-we hate it when our friends become successful
7-let me kiss you
8-there is a light that never goes out
9-bigmouth strikes again
10-the world is full of crashing bores
11-shoplifters of the world unite
12-last night i dreamed that somebody loved me
13-girlfriend in a coma
14-stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before
15-heaven knows im miserable now
16-the boy with the thorn in his side
17-william,it was really nothing
18-that joke isn’t funny anymore
19-you’re the one for me fatty
20-please,please,please let me get what i want

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