MUSIC MANIAC: The boys are back in town!


picture-6Pet Shop Boys: Yes, 2009

Leave it to the boys to have a graphic image and a graphic message: YES. We all need some Yes in our lives. Talk about “positive”. These boys are like the energizer bunny, they keep on going. This new CD (I recommend buying the deluxe 2 disc set from Amazon) is fun bouncy and pure pop for now. With all the 80’s fashion on its way, why not get into some sythn. Many of these songs were written for Kylie to sing but ended up back to the boys. Go get some YES for your ears.



Kylie Minogue: Fever, 2002

Sythn out with Kylie. This fun and bouncy sexy CD brings back nights of clubbing and pure pop. This idol is not what you think…She’s the European dance diva. The pet shop boys are a fan and so am I!

One response to “MUSIC MANIAC: The boys are back in town!

  1. Did you get the new PSB yet? Is it that good?

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