MUSIC MANIAC: The Decemberists


picture-21Decembertists, The Hazards of Love 2009

Rock Opera Returns…do not listen to this CD one track at a time. It must be heard in its entirety. I even listened to this during a cardio session. It’s all about the whole. I love the name of this group. They have a vintage sound…what ever that means…and their music makes you feel like you have traveled back in time to a distant land. Although the story maybe a little disturbing and tragic at times, isn’t that what opera is all about?


picture-3The Who: Tommy 1969

Everyone knows this is the classic rock opera . The Who never sounded so good. Hearing this re-mastered version makes you understand why they are considered one of the greatest rock acts on earth. Remember to pay close attention to Keith Moon’s drumming. He is part of what made this band ROCK!. There is beauty in this music. Feel it, Hear it and See it!!

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