I think we all feel this sometimes: Stop the World I Want To Get Off. This obscure 1962 musical staring Anthony Newley reminded me of growing up and staring at this picture of the world. The title alone and the clever picture brings back memories of curiosity to explore.

2 responses to “BLAST FROM THE PAST

  1. Ahhhh, what a great musical. Not so obscure at the time though! Newley & Bricusse, unlike Andy Webber, were able to write more than one good song for each show!

  2. michael carro

    this was THE musical of the 60`s, nothing to touch it, 3 big hit songs from the show, ‘what kind of fool am i’, ‘once in a lifetime’ & ‘gonna build a mountain’.
    the show charts the rise and fall of ‘littlechap’, played by anthony newley, from tea boy to factory owner, but he was very dissolusioned by the end of his life as he had never learned how to love.
    i must know every word of every song in the show, it had, and still does have a resounding effect on me, in fact, i played the soundtrack again only last week.

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