What a night… Does everyone know what “channeling ” means? Well, this was a great example. On a wonderful summer night I went down to Battery Park to see this very talented performer John Kelly sing from the Joni Mitchell songbook. Woodstock this was not!!  FYI, Joni was not at Woodstock anyway. John was dressed in full 70’s hippie garb and he sang almost the entire “Court and Spark” album. His version of Joni’s music is not only a tribute, but also a beautiful rendition of her wonderful songwriting and magical voice.  His passion for his idol was “channeled” loud and clear.

2 responses to “JOHN TO JONI , JONI TO JOHN…….

  1. looks like a man

  2. Joni Mitchell had a pre arranged appearance on the Dick Cavett show and couldn’t cancel. She went to her hotel room and wrote the legendary song about Woodstock, which said it all… Watch the VH1 documentary on “Woodstock Now and Then” presently airing.

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