NOW: God Help The Girl (2009)
I’m a fool for any music that sounds like a 1960’s soundtrack! This CD is an off shoot from one of my favorite groups called Belle and Sebastian. It is a whirlwind selection of female vocalists singing many types of sounds from the  60’s and 70’s girl group genre. They are all original new songs but sound like they have been dusted off. Get into your convertible car with your sunglasses and blast this CD. You will travel back to another time of beehives and glamour girls.
After listening to God Save the Girl, I had to go and dust off one of my favorite classics. Dusty, as you know, has one of those voices that makes you melt. Talk about beehives! She is the Girl! This Memphis CD is sexy, smooth and relaxing. Vintage vanity from one of the best!


  1. I remember Dusty Springfield. What you describe sounds like my kind of music. I’ll have to instigate and treat myself to some more music. Thanks for the info.

  2. LOVE this kind of stuff! I’m going to check out Music Maniac right now!

  3. OHMYGOSH that’s really weird! I got a bunch of cds out from my local library today and liked the cover of one – it had a black and white shot of a girl on the side and seems to come with a pretty little book. TA DA! It’s ‘God Help The Girl’!!!
    Wow! Weird!

  4. Oh, I heard about this blog when I Google Image searched ‘Stevie Nicks’ or ‘Grace Slick’, I can’t remember!

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