One Life Stand: Hot Chip (2010)

I have been following this band from the U.K. for a few years now. They have remixed many of my favorite bands as well. Every group has their “breakout” masterpiece. One Life Stand will get every part of your body moving. Hot Chip will get you to move in a more electronic version of the Talking Heads well known sound. I will be seeing this band this summer outside in Central Park. Can’t wait to move my groove. Caution: PLAY LOUD


TALKING HEADS: Remain in Light ( 1980 )

When this album came out I didn’t know how to move to this new sound. All I knew was it made me groove in a new way. A little  funk, tribal, electronic, and the new shaky voice of David Bryne. This CD is worth revisiting. It was new kind of dance music. It ain’t no disco…just play it loud and you will get it! All the way through your bones.

4 responses to “MUSIC MANIA: HOT CHIP

  1. You always make me feel old ! LOL ! I love the TALKINGHEADS ! Thanks for taking me back to the good old days !

  2. Thanks–went right to i tunes & bought some of Hot Chips cuts.

  3. i’m digging Here Lies Love … D. Bryne & Fat Boy Slim

  4. Arguably one of the most cutting edge albums ever recorded. 30 years later and it’s still ahead of it’s time. You have great taste in music. Might this be the same Robert Rokoff who grew up in White Birch?

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