The year is 1979 in New York City.  I was straight off the train from Long Island right up to 59th street to go to the famous clothing boutique FIORUCCI. This was one of the places that made me feel accepted and cool.  I used to run to buy their “safety jeans”.  Tight-fitting and narrowed-legged.  Great to show of those pointy Cappezzio shoes from that time.  As I walked in the store I was greeted by a friendly man who was a one of a kind!   We all knew him as “Joey”.  A few weeks later I was watching SNL staring David Bowie and there was “Joey” on TV singing and dancing with my one and only idol.  I almost died!!  April 21st is a show called JOEY ARIAS Live At Town Hall.  He will be doing his famous channeling of Billie Holiday and other amazing performances.  I will be in the fourth row with the same excitement that I had 32 years ago. This man is the chill in my spine and a icon that is close to home like that night he entered into my living room on my television set singing the Bowie song TVC15!!

One response to “WHO ARE YOU? – JOEY ARIAS

  1. Man the minute I saw this pic I thought of Sunset Blvd.! Spooky!

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