Pewter Patent Pusher

As many of you know I have been pushing patent leather handbags for many years, but now this shiny and colorful material is hitting the track. These pewter/gunmetal running sneakers from Diesel are on my feet.  You’ve heard of a “Gotta Have It”?  Well, as I running out of Diesel in Union Square, I had to have them!  I backtracked and went right to the shoe dept.  When I tried them on, I felt like Dorothy in her ruby slippers, but instead mine were hip, cool and hot with a touch of cobalt blue to take me on the streets on Manhattan. Compliments galore!  Add some shine to your sneakers this spring and feel like you’re over the rainbow!

3 responses to “Pewter Patent Pusher

  1. Freeking Fabulous! It can double as a mirror & check out ur pearly whites! Hottie! Love them! 🙂

  2. Me likie!!!!

  3. They look terrific! I like, I like!!!

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