I know Ivan Bart!  He is not only one of my best friends in the whole wide world for many many years, but he is also The Leader of the Modeling Industry.  Ivan and I always play this game where he tells me who I need to know about almost a year in advance.  Then I come to him a year later and say OMG this girl is huge.  She is in every campaign and on every runway.  He has been handpicking young models from all over the world for years and guiding their careers to superstardom.  He is also a great life coach to many of his clients.  Recently Ivan was interviewed in Industrie Magazine and his full page very handsome photo portrayed him as an expert in his field, and on top of his game.  Who’s on first Ivan?  We all are waiting to know!!

2 responses to “WHO ARE YOU? – IVAN BART

  1. william rokoff

    Very nice of you to feature Ivan.
    Thats the sign of a true friend.

  2. As usual u know all the cool people!! I wish I could hang out w/u! Miss u buddy!

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