Paging Dr. Colbert, Paging Dr. Colbert

Dr. Colbert, please pop into my living room like Dr. Bombay did in “Bewitched”!  These products are magical.  David Colbert is the MD behind this new skin care line called COLBERT M.D. I was pleased at his slick and modern packaging. Very “unisex”!  Love that word — it is so 70s, but this line of products is so now. Dr. Colbert has a major celebrity clientele, and who doesn’t want to look like the rich and famous?  The product that has embraced me is the “Intensify” Facial Discs. They are quick and easy to use and very unique. A circular motion makes the locomotion begin.  Your face will glow with an intensity not to be believed.  New collagen production begins and your on your way.  Could it be magic?

One response to “Paging Dr. Colbert, Paging Dr. Colbert

  1. Ok, like another skin care product that’s going to make me beautiful, young & fabulous! What can I say, but I’ll go for it! If I could only look like u! :-))

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