I have had the pleasure to meet a few times the “Prince of Polaroids.”  Jeremy Kost is a photographer who I am very excited about.  Every time I see his wonderful works, I can feel his creativity and energy.  He just published a fantastic book called “It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn.”  Go buy it!  I was lucky to join him at his book signing in New York at the Marc Jacobs bookshop.   He signed my book and I was able to get a limited edition reproduction of one of his images.  I also happen to own a Polaroid from 2007 that he took of Tinsley Mortimer, as she was deconstructed from a night club.   Her hair is disheveled and she looks like a young Ann-Margret.  I just love that.  Heavy make up running down her eyes.  Rough night it seems, and Jeremy always seems to capture a diamond-in-the-rough moment of fun!

One response to “WHO ARE YOU? – JEREMY KOST

  1. How cool is this! U are always where it’s happening! What a fabulous book! By the way ur looking good! :-))

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